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Our Programmes

Widows Empowerment

For widows abandoned with no resources, CAWE-KENYA brings skills training, seeds and fertilizers where the widows plant crops, generating small business loans – a path towards reclaiming their independence and giving their children a future voices. Our donors have assisted the widows by providing fortified food, seedlings and trainings of the negative consequences for allowing their daughters to be mutilated

Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting

CAWE-KENYA is a vital force for change, waging a battle to empower women, protect girls and bring healing through community led initiatives. Our grassroots advocacy campaigns, like the powerful Marakwet and Baringo culture nights are raising awareness turning thousands away from FGM’s horrors. Through our donors, we have provided education scholarships and feminine hygiene support to keep girls in school and masculine products to young boys for gender equality. 

Guiding the Youth

For youth, CAWE supports mentorships, sports programmes and trauma counselling to redirect their potential into becoming peaceful community leaders. With Collaboration with the donors, we held the first ever Kerio Valley Sports tournament where we brought 2 warring communities together through a football tournament, 17 teams gifted with football jerseys and 60 youth trained in conflict resolution mechanisms.